What We Do

Purview & Proficiency

At Applewud, our focus is on providing best value for money and highest quality products that are the pride of our dealers and are highly appreciated by our customers. We manu-facture varied kinds of plywood, including moisture resistant, boiling water resistant, exterior grade with hard wood core and the termite resistant Applewud Gold Lifetime plywood. Also in our repertoire are moisture resistant & WBP grade block boards, multi-block doors and nine layer block boards with triple core protection. We are adept at crafting products of highest standards and the process for the same starts with hiring of competent staff, putting to use cutting edge technology and keeping quality above all else. Our high-tech plant has a variety of competencies –

  • High Hydraulic Pressure : Application of high hydraulic pressure during plywood manufacture results in the smooth, superior bonded plywood, free from gaps and laps that Applewud is renowned for.
  • Dry Processing : Initially the wood is dried naturally, followed by mechanical dry processing in seasoning chambers and dryer. This treatment removes moisture gently and thoroughly without harming the wood in any way. Wood dried like this is free from the problem of bending ends which could further give rise to lamination problem.
  • Laboratory Grade Chemical Treatment : We value accuracy in our products and hence prefer to use laboratory grade chemicals that are up to 99% pure for treatment instead of industrial grade chemicals.
  • Standardisation : Exacting American and European standards, we adhere to the strictest National and International norms.