Applewud's ISI marked, eco-friendly products are warp-free and stable, made from 100% hard or timber wood.

  • Plantation : Highest quality wood is planted and taken due care of to ensure fine yield.
  • Filling : Logs are converted into battens & these are used for Block board filling.
  • Treatment : Wood is treated to be termite-free and the logs received by stripping off the bark is conditioned and steamed to improve peel quality.
  • Peeling : Best veneer is produced at lathe using high quality peeling machines.
  • Waterproofing : Waterproof glue is applied and veneer is laid up into sandwiches.
  • Hot Pressing : Veneer is subjected to heat and pressure using hot press.
  • Grading : Panels go through stringent inspection and grading.
  • Gluing : Samples further tested and glued.
  • Certification : Panels that meet set standards get Applewud certification.